Neat Desktop Software v5.7.1 Download

April 16, 2018 tmtips IT Professional

Recently I had to reinstall a scanner for a client and as usual, they couldn’t find the original disk. I went to the Neat site where I have been able to get the software before with no problems, and lo and behold, they no longer let you download the software that came with your device! Instead, you are forced into paying a monthly subscription now which is crazy since the device was already bought with the necessary software inside that requires no subscription. Luckily, I was able to get a copy from a friend who still had a download of the final version they released on their site. If you are in need of this software, here is a self hosted link:

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Neat Desktop Scanner Software v5.7.1 Full

Before you install this, disconnect from the internet as some people have had an issue where when connected, will trigger a prompt for a subscription. I would stay disconnected during the initial setup when opening the software also.  I have updated the link as some people had an issue downloading it.

Any additional issues, refer to this patch as it will remove the built in internet connection requirement and make sure its compatible with Windows 10:

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