RDP Printer Redirection – Sharp MX-2600N

February 5, 2013 tmtips IT Professional

We were dealing with a Printer Redirection issue through Remote Desktop (RDP).  The setup was with Windows Server 2003 R2 32bit and a Windows 7 Professional 64bit that were not on the same domain.  The printer is a Sharp MX-2600N network printer with a Static local address.  We installed the PCL6 and PS drivers on both the Server and the Workstation but the printer never pulled over.  We made sure 32bit and 64bit drivers were installed on the Server of each PCL6 and PS but it would never work.  We tried the Universal Driver that Sharp provided but still had no luck, initially.  I figured out that the PCL6 and PS drivers were not Terminal Service compatible so we removed them from the server.  We tried to connect a few more times but it still didn’t work.  I found a site that explained to try and delete the printer package from the PrintManagement.msc>Print Servers>ComputerName>Drivers on the Workstation (right click and chose “Remove Driver Package”.  This proved difficult at first as the drivers were in use, even after restarting the Print Spooler and Deleting the printer from the system.  We ended up having to open the Delete Driver Package screen and restart the Print Spooler with it right next to that screen.  Within 1 second the Spooler turning on, we pressed the delete button and it finally deleted the driver we didnt want (wash, repeat for other drivers).  After finally deleting the PCL6 and PS drivers off the Workstation and Server, we made sure the 64bit Universal driver was installed on the Workstation and the 32bit and 64bit Universal Driver was installed on the Server.  SUCCESS!  Another side note, we tried the Microsoft Terminal Server Printer Redirection Wizard Tool (TSPDRW), which was helping us link up the errors in Event Viewer to what we though were the correct drivers, but since they were not TS compatible, did not work for us.

Hope this saves someone a headache.

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