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Neat Desktop Software v5.7.1 Download

April 16, 2018 tmtips IT Professional

Recently I had to reinstall a scanner for a client and as usual, they couldn’t find the original disk. I went to the Neat site where I have been able to get the software before with no problems, and lo and behold, they no longer let you download the software that came with your device! […]



How to Fix broken shortcuts being deleted from Desktop

March 8, 2013 tmtips Business

I was working with a business we service to troubleshoot a weird problem they were having where shortcuts to a program were being deleted on a laptop every time they took it out of their office.  I was skeptical at first but after installing the database network program, they called the next day and the […]


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RDP Printer Redirection – Sharp MX-2600N

February 5, 2013 tmtips IT Professional

We were dealing with a Printer Redirection issue through Remote Desktop (RDP).  The setup was with Windows Server 2003 R2 32bit and a Windows 7 Professional 64bit that were not on the same domain.  The printer is a Sharp MX-2600N network printer with a Static local address.  


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